9 in-demand jobs in Manitoba due to Covid-19

In the article “9 in-demand jobs in Manitoba due to Covid-19”, we examine this issue. The result of a study by the Canadian government shows that the pandemic has made certain jobs in Manitoba more in demand than others.

In general, many businesses have been negatively affected by public health and medical measures. For example, many jobs in the tourism and hospitality sectors were lost due to pandemic-related lockdowns and shutdowns. However, for other sectors, demand increased.

In the following, we mention 9 jobs that faced an increase in demand. These occupations are listed by National Occupation Classification (NOC) code.

Illustrators and graphic designers (NOC 5241)

Illustrators and graphic designers use the conceptualization and presentation of graphic arts and visuals to convey information in the form of packaging, various publications, advertisements, films and other media.

Janitorial Supervisors (NOC 6315)

Cleaning supervisors are responsible for supervising and coordinating the work of specialized cleaners, employees, janitors, etc. Many of them work in hospitals, care centers, hotels, schools and other companies.

Product Courier Drivers (NOC 7514)

This group of businesses is responsible for driving cars, vans and light trucks to deliver and ship products. They are usually employed by pharmacies, newspaper distributors, restaurants, laundries and other types of businesses. Many of them are also self-employed.

Computer Network Technicians (NOC 2281)

Computer network technicians deploy, set up, maintain and coordinate the use of local networks and wider areas (LAN and WAN), hardware, software, etc. Many of them work for IT units.

Insurance Salesmen and Agents (NOC 6231)

Insurance agents and salespeople sell different types of insurance, including life, auto, property, and health insurance.

Shipping agents and receivers (NOC 1521)

These businesses move parts, raw materials, and more to/from a facility and keep records of it.

Freight forwarders (NOC 7452)

This group moves, loads or unloads various items and usually works for transport companies, warehouses and carriers.

Domestic workers, cleaners and related occupations (NOC 4412)

The home affairs workforce provides individual care for the elderly, disabled and other clients. This group may stay at the client’s home. Cleaners are responsible for household affairs and management duties in a private home.

Shelf stockers, workers and order bookers (NOC 6622)

These jobs deal with customer purchase packaging, pricing, stocking shelves, and registering mail and phone orders. Many of them work in retail stores, grocery stores, department stores,

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