Admission to Canadian schools

The admission process in Canadian universities is different depending on the university, field and level of study, but if you plan to study in Canada, you should know that the most basic step to study in Canada is to get admission from accredited Canadian schools. We guide you step by step in the process of admission to Canadian universities and schools. The most important stage of admission of international students in an educational institution is determined.

In the first step, make a list of the universities and schools you want and keep in mind that the academic year in Canada is from September to May. Some schools and universities use the semester system, where each semester lasts three months.

Some universities offer summer courses, but with a more limited timetable. Choosing summer courses is usually optional.

The first semester starts in early September, followed by the second semester in early January. If you want to take the first steps with confidence, you should research where to live, job opportunities and cost of living. For more information about them, visit the official websites of the universities. If you need help finding the right universities, contact Unique Immigration Services.


Are there standardized tests to enter Canadian universities?

There is no standardized test for admission to universities or higher education institutions. Instead, each university or college creates its own entrance exams and evaluates each applicant individually. The most common entrance exams are as follows:

SAT I and II (Academic Aptitude Tests)
MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)
LSAT (Law School Admission Test)
GRE (Graduate Record Examination) – for graduate programs
GMAT (General Management Aptitude Test) for graduate programs
Universities and colleges may ask you for the following academic documents:

Official transcripts from the last three years of high school or any additional college attended
A certified copy of high school diploma or certificate (if available at the time of application)
A high school GPA may be required in some cases.

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