Alberta PNP changes: online portal and new fees

Currently, Alberta PNP applicants can use the online portal for most immigration applications, but fees have changed significantly. Beginning October 1st, Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) applications can be submitted online. Applicants to Alberta’s Express Entry stream must obtain authorization from the AINP to access the new portal.

According to the AINP in a media release, the portal is designed to facilitate immigration applications. Applicants of each Provincial Selection Program (PNP) will receive information on how to enter data and a list of relevant documents and can save their draft information and complete their application at a later time. This system is designed for initial assessment of conditions; To ensure that applicants who do not meet the main criteria do not waste their time and money applying.

In the following, you will read more details of the changes made by AINP:

Portal fee

The changes include a $500 review fee for Alberta PNP applications submitted through the online portal. This fee is non-refundable once the application is submitted and covers the cost of processing the application. Its payment is mandatory if the applicants are selected or not.

Applicants who applied by mail for the Alberta Opportunity Stream or Alberta Express Entry Stream on or before October 1st are not required to pay this fee.

New fees for post-decision services

According to the AINP, all requests for post-decision services must now be submitted by email.

Alberta requires fees for post-decision services such as appeals, election extensions and election requests for letters of support. Service requests submitted to the government on or after October 1st are now subject to a $100 service fee. Letters of support are no longer issued by selection and the PNP recipient must apply for these letters. Provincial electors who have a written request for a letter of support from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada are not required to pay this fee.

These amounts cover the cost of reviewing applications and are required to be paid even if applicants are not eligible to extend their selection or receive a letter of support. Reimbursement of these funds will only be made for an appeal that changes the initial decision to deny the request. All other service charges are non-refundable.

Update requests via email

Another change is to update the application by email, even if Alberta PNP applicants submitted their application by mail. Currently, applicants must send AINP notification emails in the following cases:

Correcting or updating information or documents related to the request.

Update employment status, immigration, contact information or family circumstances.

Update to designate a third party as agent of affairs.

Cancellation of the request.

Measures related to the corona virus

Alberta has made the following changes to its temporary measures related to the coronavirus:

AINP will no longer accept incomplete applications. Incomplete applications posted on or after October 1, or applications submitted through the online portal, will not be accepted.

All applicants who have lost their job after applying in the AINP system, regardless of the date of application, and all selected candidates have a maximum of six months from the time of evaluation of their application to find a new job that meets the AINP criteria. These job requirements must be met at the time of application. AINP will send an email while the application is pending. This change provides more opportunity to adapt to the job criteria and increases the time to find a job for applicants and selected candidates up to 4 months. Previously, candidates and applicants had a maximum of 60 days to find a suitable job.

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