British Columbia, Canada

As one of the most beautiful provinces of Canada and the top tourist attraction of this country, British Columbia has one of the most pristine natures in North America and some of the most exciting cities. With a population of 4.5 million, most residents tend to live in Vancouver and the provincial capital, Victoria.

Geographical location

Located on the northwest coast of the Pacific Ocean, British Columbia has an area of ​​944,735 square kilometers with about 27,200 kilometers of rugged coastline and thousands of islands. 75% of this province is mountainous and a relatively large part of it is impenetrable, sparsely populated and undeveloped. With diverse weather, you will experience rainforests along the coast, sub-arctic winters in the northern regions and mild weather in the middle regions of this province.

Cost of living in British Columbia

Average monthly income after taxes: CAD 4,200

20-year fixed loan interest rate: 3.57%

The cost of living in British Columbia will vary depending on whether you choose to live in a rural, sparsely populated area or a large city. This province has the highest cost of living in Canada, but it also benefits from the best educational centers and comprehensive medical coverage at government expense. The median home price in British Columbia is $632,000.


With so much undeveloped land and vast areas without power lines, roads, fences or any vestiges of modern life, British Columbia has become a great destination for the film industry. This province has the third largest film industry in North America, after Hollywood and New York, and is often called the “Hollywood of the North”.

This province benefits from abundant natural resources, which means that its most profitable industries are agriculture, fishing and mining, and with a strong and growing economy, it has many job opportunities in the construction, production and education sectors.

Demographic information

The majority of the population of British Columbia are of English, Irish and Scottish descent, and the official language of this province is English. British Columbia has the highest percentage of minorities in Canada, with 4.8% of its population being aboriginal. The strange thing is that British Columbia is one of the few Canadian regions where the majority of the population does not belong to any particular religion. Among the people who follow a particular religion, most are Protestants (45%) and Catholics account for 18% of this group.

Almost half of British Columbia’s population lives in and around Vancouver or on Vancouver Island. The main part of this province has a scattered population, which are mostly natives. Due to the lack of labor force, large racial, religious and ethnic groups from all over the world live in this province.

Education and training

British Columbia has the best position in many areas. However, the main feature of this province is providing quality education. There are several research universities that provide educational opportunities at the level of world standards, and as a result, the best educational institutions in the world are in British Columbia. The province is currently home to 25 state-funded post-secondary institutions, including 4 research universities, 7 teaching universities, 11 colleges, 3 provincial schools, and one native college.

British Columbia attractions

There are many museums, theaters and cinemas and exhibitions mainly in Vancouver; However, the main attractions of this province are the outdoor recreation and entertainment opportunities. British Columbia is one of the last remaining frontiers in North America and one of the few remaining places to experience wilderness in Canada. Access to many lakes and rivers is possible only by flying through thickets in small planes. Hiking in the mountain trails, camping, hunting and visiting wildlife are the main activities in this province.

Due to good job opportunities, rich culture and resources, growing communities and education system, as well as natural beauty in British Columbia, this city offers great opportunities for expats to live.

British Columbia Immigrant Selection Programs

BC’s Provincial Selection Program accepts applications for three main immigration groups:

British Columbia Express Entry

Specialized immigration

Immigration through business

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