Consequences of submitting fake documents to the Canadian Immigration Department

CBC’s Kevin Yar reports: Posted November 30, 2018 at 9:16 am

In Prince Edward Island, the trial of people who provided false and misleading information to Immigration Canada was postponed. Thursday’s storm delayed the trial. The CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) claims that hundreds of non-resident immigrants in Canada have declared a Sherwood motel as their residence, when they do not live there.

The trial was supposed to begin on Friday morning, but Thursday’s storm postponed it until Tuesday.

In court documents, the Canada Border Services Agency investigation claims that 566 immigrants who used the Sherwood Motel address as their home address from 2008 to 2015, nearly all of whom received permanent residency. The important point in the above article is that if documents or false information are given to the Canadian Immigration Department, nothing may happen for years, but due to the accuracy of the border agents and Canadian intelligence services, this false information will become a problem one day in the future. It will be instrumental because their emphasis is on the honesty of speech.

Hori Soleimani Immigration Organization has always emphasized on sending your real documents; And you, as a future immigrant, should try to provide correct information and improve your ability in the following ways:

Fluency in English and French

Higher education, more work experience

and higher financial power

Avoid submitting any fake documents.

If a fake document is sent to the immigration office, it can lead to a ban on entering Canada for five years. Even the Canada Border Services Agency may consider other penalties in such a way that if you have received your residence, you will lose it. be it

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