Entering Manitoba through direct employment from an employer

Employers who have demonstrated an immediate and ongoing need for skilled labor may be eligible to participate in the Manitoba Direct Employment Program. These employers have the necessary conditions for employment in the desired job position and have completed all the following steps.

Qualified employers provide the MPNP with a list of qualified applicants who have a guaranteed full-time, long-term job offer with the ability and intent to live and work in Manitoba.

Applicants are evaluated based on the following criteria

Age: 21-45 years (unless a specific case outside this age range is requested by the employer)

Education: Having post-secondary education if required by the employer/intended job (in-service training may be included in tentative selections).

Work experience: At least two years of experience in the last 5 years in a profession related to the desired job.

Proficiency in the official language: a score of at least 5 in the CLB/NCLC system in each of the four skills. A score of 4 in the CLB/NCLC system for NOC C/D jobs may be sufficient at MPNP’s discretion.

Ability to adapt and settle in the community: Preference is given to the needs of the labor market outside of the central Manitoba region. Applicants with previous employment or post-secondary education in other Canadian provinces may not be approved by the MPNP.

Employers for direct employment in Manitoba are required to pay for selected labor in semi-skilled occupations (NOC C/D) to travel to the workplace and may be required to pay for return labor (if applicable). Employers are required to register their conditions on the Government of Canada’s employment portal and pay $230 in government fees, and these fees are not refundable to the workforce.

All applicants must obtain a minimum of 60 assessment points to enter this pathway.

Necessary conditions for employers

MPNP’s employer services can support Manitoba businesses that have a proven workforce need or are more competitive in global markets.

If all efforts to recruit locally have been unsuccessful, or if recruiting from overseas would bring significant benefits to the company located in Manitoba and create more opportunities for Canadian citizens, MPNP Employer Services can assist in recruiting from overseas. Borders will help you, provided the following conditions are met.

1) Employers should consider the following as the main conditions

Their business is registered as a company, limited partnership or sole proprietorship.

Have at least three years of steady work in Manitoba.

It is a commercial business and should not be considered a home business

Earn at least $250,000 in the first three years after application.

Not currently on Employment and Development Canada’s/Service Canada’s list of suspended businesses.

Has not yet been fined for breaking the rules of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) or the International Fluid Program (IMP).

the right relationship between the employer and the workforce; The workforce cannot have a partnership or joint ownership relationship with the employer (for example, an owner-operator relationship in the trucking industry or a partnership in a restaurant).

Do not cooperate with employment agencies to use temporary labor.

Do not seek to sell all or parts of your business in the next two years.

Have a good record in employment and employment standards and the Manitoba provincial program (do not have a systematic record of non-compliance with rules and regulations)

2) Job position criteria for direct employment in Manitoba

Vacancies must be listed in the NOC.

If the positions are in NOC group C/D and the wage rate for them is lower than the prevailing wage in Manitoba, the employer must consider other factors to help low wage earners; such as access to affordable housing (of course, assistance is not limited to this). Employers must pay the costs of obtaining a work visa ($155) and travel expenses (such as air travel) of the temporary foreign worker to work at the desired location in Canada and return to his permanent residence (if necessary). Additionally, if public transportation is not available in the area, the employer will provide adequate access to transportation until the workforce has access to transportation.

If the positions are in NOC groups C/D and their wages are lower than the prevailing Manitoba wage, the employer must provide assistance to start living in this area by arranging for community admission. Helping to start life can include providing the necessary information about registering for a health card, schooling (if there are children), banking, etc.

The starting wage cannot be lower than the average wage for that position in that area.

Positions must be for long-term, full-time employment and meet the wage and work conditions specified for citizens or permanent residents.

Job positions must have a valid license and the applicant must apply through the relevant legal organization to evaluate the necessary skills and expertise or pass the exam.

Unauthorized Direct Employment Jobs in Manitoba

Temporary or seasonal

Part-time jobs (less than 30 hours per week)

Income from sales commission

Home Jobs

Located in a place other than Manitoba

3) Job advertisement conditions

In order to hire directly in Manitoba, an employer must continuously apply year-round for available job positions  e are needed, advertise. For new positions created due to layoffs or business growth, employers must have advertised for 4 consecutive weeks prior to contacting the MPNP Employer Service Center.

The employer must continuously advertise in the Government of Canada Job Bank

The employer must use two other recruitment methods suitable for this job (the target audience should be people with relevant education, work experience or the level of expertise required for that job)

To post job advertisements, cooperate with the Manitoba Start-up Coordination Unit website and provide the necessary documentation for this continuous cooperation.

For more information in this field, contact Mr. Azman Houri Soleimani with more than two decades of successful experience in immigration cases.

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