Immigrate through the BC provincial program without a job offer

In this article “Immigration through the provincial program of British Columbia without a job offer” we will examine this issue.

To immigrate to Canada through one of the provincial selection programs of British Columbia (BC PNP) without a job offer under the specialized immigration group of international post-graduate graduates and with a post-graduate degree in basic sciences from the authorized educational institutions of this province You do not need a job offer and a file in the Express Entry system. To use the benefits of this group, you must submit your application within three years from the date mentioned on the diploma. Proving the intention and ability to live and work in the province of British Columbia, through things like documents of residence, work, education or family ties in this province, is also necessary for this immigration group. The priority fields for this program in master’s and doctoral degrees are as follows:


Technology engineering

Computer science and information and support services

natural Science

Research and protection of natural resources

Mathematics and statistics


Biological sciences and biomedicine

Health and medical fields and related clinical sciences

Although an Express Entry file is not required for the International Post Graduate Specialized Immigration Group, eligible applicants for this immigration stream who also have an Express Entry file may be prioritized for consideration of the British Columbia provincial program application and, if successful in provincial selection, Priority will be given to the review of permanent residence applications. In British Columbia’s Express Entry group for international graduate students, in conjunction with the Express Entry system, applicants are required to have an Express Entry file number and an IRCC employment credit code for Express Entry.

For immigration matters, including immigration to the province of British Columbia through the specialized immigration stream for international post-graduate graduates, contact Houri Soleimani Immigration Agency.

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