In-demand jobs in Nova Scotia

When you’re ready to move to beautiful Nova Scotia, you should apply for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) and learn about in-demand Nova Scotia jobs.

Potential immigrants who have the skills and experience required by Nova Scotia may be selected for immigration through the NSNP. Go through the various streams of NSNP to know the requirements. The application review process depends on the NSNP stream you are eligible for.

Processing time for eligible applications can be three months or more.

Within six (6) months of receiving the Certificate of Selection, apply for your permanent resident visa through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. You, your spouse and your dependents must have all the necessary medical, security and criminal requirements. In some cases, you may be called for an interview. Immigration Canada has the final responsibility for issuing permanent resident visas.

The In-Demand Jobs stream targets NOC C and NOC D jobs that are in high demand in the Nova Scotia labor market. The Immigration Department identifies in-demand jobs based on labor market information, and it is possible to change eligible jobs.


To apply for immigration through this in-demand Nova Scotia job, you must meet the following requirements:

A permanent full-time job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia in any of the following occupations:

NOC 3413 (nurse assistant, paramedic and patient service assistant)

NOC 6513 (Food and Beverage Service Force)

NOC 6711 (Food Delivery Worker, Kitchen Assistant and Related Support Occupations)

NOC 6731 (Light Duty Cleaner)

NOC 7511 (transport truck driver)

NOC 7521 (Heavy Equipment Operator (Excluding Cranes)), Or

NOC 7611 (Manpower and construction assistant)

1 year of work experience related to the desired job

Age 21 to 55 years

high school diploma

Appropriate education, skills and/or qualifications for the job in question

Proof of proficiency in English or French at a minimum level of 4 times the Canadian Language Index (CLB), even if your first language is English or French.

Providing adequate financial resources for an easy and hassle-free stay in Nova Scotia

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