Interim Government Actions in the Saskatchewan Provincial Program

The Saskatchewan provincial immigration program, as one of the popular immigration programs to Canada, continues to help applicants and selected candidates to immigrate to this country in the midst of the Corona pandemic. Saskatchewan is one of several provinces that have stepped in to support immigration applicants during the coronavirus pandemic.

Applications for the Saskatchewan provincial program are still being reviewed. The Saskatchewan Provincial Program (SINP) has continued to hold two draws since Canada restricted most foreign travel on March 18, along with its sweeping measures to contain the coronavirus.

The province is taking temporary measures to help preserve the chances of provincial candidates to get permanent residency when visa centers are closed due to the corona virus. Applicants for the Saskatchewan Provincial Program or SINP can request a six-month grace period to submit their permanent residence application by emailing the Saskatchewan government. Selectees and applicants for the provincial program can receive conditional approval if the conditions of their job offer in the original SINP application have changed due to Covid-19.

If the minimum conditions for entering the SINP through which the applicant received his confirmation are no longer met, the applicant’s status will change to “conditional”. In order to obtain permanent residence, these conditions must be changed. If there is a change in the applicant’s employment status, they must notify the SINP immediately. These changes can include dismissal from the workplace or termination of employment; Failure to notify of these changes will be construed as providing false information.

Temporary measures

The following temporary measures include provincial program winners and applicants with a valid job offer and work visa requirements:

If the main job offer of the selected provincial program is no longer available at the time of application, they have 6 months to find a new and qualified job. Their selection will be conditional until they receive a new full-time job offer.

The applicant’s new job offer must be from an “authorized business”. These businesses must provide basic and important public services. If it is a new job offer for such businesses, the job in question does not necessarily have to match the applicant’s education or previous work experience, provided that the employer determines that the applicant has the skills and ability to perform the job in question.

Applicants or selectees whose full-time hours have been reduced are permitted to continue working for their approved employer without compensation, provided that the employer undertakes to restore the hours to full-time within six months. If the workforce has been selected for the provincial program before the reduction of working hours, if their working hours are less than 30 hours per week, their status will become conditional status.

Applicants must work full-time in one or more jobs and meet all SINP requirements for the provincial program.

Workers without an open work visa must obtain a new visa from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). SINP will issue them a new work visa support letter. Foreigners in Canada must have a work visa in order to work legally in this country.

If applicants, candidates or potential applicants receive short-term support during the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no problem for them.

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