Invitation through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program from 336 candidates

Invitation of 336 candidates to immigrate to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program in the new Manitoba PNP

In the January 26 draw, LAA was issued from three MPNP streams, the conditions of each of which are explained below:

  • Skilled workers in Manitoba 253 LAA (the lowest ranking of candidates with a score of 726)

In this way, it selects foreign trained workers with the required skills and introduces them for permanent residence in Canada. This flow has made candidates who have more attachment to Manitoba to be prioritized to immigrate to Manitoba through the following two paths.

A) Work experience path

For applicants currently working in Manitoba on temporary work permits, through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or international graduates from any province, candidates do not need to be working in the required occupations.

B) Direct employment path of the employer

This pathway is for overseas applicants who have been confirmed with job offers from Manitoba employers.

  • Those eligible for this method are placed in two paths:

a) Canada Express Entry: Candidates need skills, training and experience in one of Manitoba’s in-demand occupations and an effective family connection to the province.
b) Direct provincial route or human capital: in this method, candidates must demonstrate their potential to find a job upon arrival in Manitoba and also have the skills, training and experience in one of the occupations required by Manitoba.

  • International Education Stream (IES) candidates 60 LAA

This stream is dedicated to international graduates of Manitoba colleges and universities that, according to IES, no longer require candidates to work in their field for six months before applying for MPNP candidacy. In the following, we discuss the three available and eligible ways in this method:

1) Career path

  • Be a resident of Manitoba.
  • Have a full-time job offer in one of the required Manitoba occupations associated with the completed degree.
  • Have completed a course of one year or more at an eligible Manitoba institution of higher education within three years of submitting the application.

2) Internship path for graduates

Masters and PhD holders who have taken Elevete or Mitacs Accelerate courses
have passed, they can apply for candidacy without a job offer in the province through internship courses.

3) Student entrepreneurship path

  • Be a resident of Manitoba since graduation.
  • Completion of two years or more from a qualified higher education institution
  • Six months of business experience in Manitoba
  • No need for a specific minimum value of personal property (certain financial ability)

• The remaining 23 LAAs with a minimum score of 713 were joined by candidates for skilled workers abroad through a strategic recruitment scheme.

And finally, Manitoba stated that 32 of the 336 invited candidates had valid Express Entry IDs and job seeker verification codes.

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