Latest Prince Edward Express Entry news

In the call for the latest news of Express Entry, Prince Edward, which is considered one of the most popular destinations for Canadian immigrants, has issued an invitation to apply for permanent residence for 72 applicants. The case of these applicants has been reviewed under the provincial program of Prince Edward Island.

In addition, Prince Edward Province has issued an invitation to 7 Business Impact Category applicants who have scored between 135 and 142 points. In general, applicants who are in the selected pool of FedEx Entry or rapid immigration to Canada, will be able to obtain 600 additional points by obtaining the approval of Prince Edward province, and after receiving the invitation, they can apply for permanent residence in this province. do

The Prince Edward Immigration Authority has introduced a new Expression of Interest system for applicants who wish to work and live in this province. Prince Edward’s new interest expression system has three general stages, which we will describe below:

The first stage:

Applicants first create an account and submit their case in the expression of interest system.

The second stage:

Applicants who achieve the highest scores will be invited by Prince Edward Immigration to submit their case to the Prince Edward Provincial PEI PNP program system.

The third stage:

Applicants who are accepted in the second stage must submit a separate file for permanent residence to the federal government of Canada.

Prince Edward’s Express Entry program is based on a scoring system that includes a total of 100 points. Applicants are scored based on factors such as age, language skills, educational status, work experience, employment, and compatibility. It should be noted that the submission of the Expression of Interest is not the same as the submission of the file, but the submission of the file will be done at the next stage and if the EOI is accepted by the Prince Edward Immigration Organization.

Currently, the Government of Prince Edward does not charge any fees for EOI reviews.

The government of Prince Edward emphasizes the diversity of immigrants and always invites a wide range of immigrants from all over the world to immigrate to the province.

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