New Brunswick tries to accept more immigrants

Many efforts have been made to welcome more immigrants to New Brunswick. The coastal and multilingual province of New Brunswick is looking for a way to increase its intake of immigrants to 10,000 a year, according to The Canada Press. The Prime Minister of New Brunswick plans to increase the population of this province to one million people by 2040.

Canada Press: Prime Minister Blaine Higgs, in an annual provincial speech, brought up the issue of the province’s aging population and asked for solutions to meet the province’s need for labor.

Referring to the province’s population growth strategies that were adopted last summer, the Prime Minister said that in the next decade, New Brunswick will witness the creation of 120,000 new jobs in the province. The population growth strategy also says New Brunswick will increase the number of economic immigrants to the province to 7,500 by 2024. Although this figure is determined by the federal government, Prime Minister Higgs told the journalists and business owners present at the meeting that there is more pressure on the central government to increase this number to 10,000 cases per year.

He said that New Brunswick has set up offices in India and Europe to attract talented people and investors from abroad.

Immigrate to New Brunswick through the Express Entry program

Foreign nationals who intend to bring their skills, knowledge, or work experience to New Brunswick may be eligible for New Brunswick’s Express Entry program due to New Brunswick’s immigration policy.

This provincial immigration program is aligned with the federal government’s Express Entry system, which categorizes and accepts applicants from three main immigration channels: the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Canadian Experience Class. To qualify for New Brunswick’s Express Entry system, candidates first need to create an Express Entry Profile that scores them on CRS’s comprehensive rating system based on work history, education, age and language level.

If these people in the federal pool get the provincial nomination from the New Brunswick express entry system, they will be awarded 600 points. This score will guarantee their success in receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence and the possibility of immigrating to New Brunswick in the Express Entry lottery. Once candidates enter the Express Entry pool, they can meet the province’s eligibility requirements and create a provincial declaration of intent on the New Brunswick portal.

At times, New Brunswick invites candidates directly from the Express Entry pool in response to labor market needs.

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