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Those who are thinking of emigrating from their homeland usually look around with a different perspective, and are constantly searching. They usually do not accept limitations, understand the value of time and believe that humans are given one chance to live and they should make the most of it. Those who are thinking about immigration know that they should not go astray, do not lose time, get help from experts, make quick decisions and act quickly.

This is where we consider it our duty to take advantage of more than two decades of experience in Unique Immigration Service and help those who are looking for speed in choosing the right path. We have created the news page for this reason, and my hope is to provide you with the latest immigration news. So please visit our news page regularly and get informed about the latest news and do not deprive us of your valuable comments.  You are our prospective clients, and we will continue to be firmly by your side. please contact us.

What is Flagpoling?

What is Flagpoling?

What is Flagpoling ? What is Flagpoling? Flagpoling refers to the act of leaving Canada, quickly re-entering a border crossing

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