Understanding the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada

Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada - آشنایی با مجوز کار پس از فارغ التحصیلی (PGWP) در کانادا

Understanding the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada


The Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada is a valuable opportunity for international students in Canada. This permit allows you to work full-time in Canada after completing a qualifying educational program. In this guide, we will explore the details, eligibility criteria, and application process for the PGWP.

What is a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)?

The PGWP is a special work permit that enables you to stay in Canada and work full-time after successfully completing a degree, diploma, or certificate program that is at least 8 months in duration. This permit offers international graduates the chance to gain valuable work experience in Canada.

Key Features of the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada:

  • No job offer required: You do not need a job offer to apply for the PGWP.
  • Work anywhere in Canada: You are free to work in any part of Canada and in any occupation.
  • Exceptions: Some jobs, especially those involving children or healthcare, may require a medical examination. Employment in high-exploitation risk occupations is prohibited.

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Reasons to Apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada:

The PGWP can serve several purposes, including:

  1. Career advancement: It offers international graduates the opportunity to advance their careers.
  2. Canadian work experience: It allows graduates to gain Canadian work experience.
  3. Path to permanent residency: For those interested in Canadian permanent residency, the PGWP can be a stepping stone, as it provides a year of skilled work experience, which can be valuable for certain PR programs.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for a PGWP, you must generally meet the following criteria:

  • Completed a program lasting at least 8 months, leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • Studied full-time in each academic session without extended gaps (scheduled breaks are allowed).
  • Completed at least 50% of the program in Canada.
  • Online courses completed outside Canada typically do not count toward the PGWP duration.

Additional Situations:

There are specific situations where you may still be eligible for the PGWP, such as part-time study in the final academic session, authorized leaves or gaps in studies of less than 150 days.

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Length of the PGWP:

The length of the PGWP varies based on the duration of your full-time program:

  • Between 8 months and 2 years: PGWP duration matches the official program length.
  • 2 years or more: Eligible for a 3-year PGWP.
  • 16 months or more in a graduate program: Eligible for a 3-year PGWP.
  • Combining program lengths: You can combine the lengths of two eligible programs if the second program is completed within 2 years of the first program. For example, a 4-year undergraduate degree and a 1-year graduate degree can qualify for a 3-year PGWP.

Passport Expiry:

Ensure your passport remains valid throughout the anticipated PGWP duration. If your passport expires before the PGWP, apply for a new one well in advance.

Continuing Education:

If you plan to continue studying in Canada, consider applying for the PGWP after completing your second program, allowing you to maximize your work permit. Extending your study permit and applying for new status before its expiry is crucial.

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When to Apply for a PGWP:

You can apply for the PGWP after receiving your Letter of Completion, which confirms the fulfillment of program requirements. The application timeline is based on when this letter becomes available, not on your degree conferral or graduation date.

After completing your studies, be vigilant about checking for your Letter of Completion, as working beyond its availability could affect your eligibility. Review the PGWP tutorial for application preparation.

Working While Applying for PGWP:

You can work before and after applying for the PGWP, depending on your circumstances and meeting certain conditions. Working before applying requires adherence to specific guidelines and limitations. After applying, you may work full-time under certain conditions while awaiting your PGWP.


The PGWP is a valuable opportunity for international graduates in Canada to gain work experience and potentially pursue permanent residency. Understanding the eligibility criteria and application process is crucial for making the most of this opportunity. For additional support and guidance, consider consulting International Student Advising.

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