Record population growth in New Brunswick

Statistics Canada announced last week that the population of New Brunswick reached 776,827 people at the beginning of July, the main reason for which was the increase in immigration to Canada and this province.

5906 people have been added to the population of this province, which is the highest population increase in New Brunswick since 1991.

In 2015 and before that, the population growth of New Brunswick was only 254 people, but since 2016, with the arrival of Syrian immigrants and the introduction of the AIP or Atlantic program in 2017, the population of this province has increased by 16 thousand people.

Canada’s immigration through the Atlantic project was the main reason for this. In this way, we see employers hiring foreign workers or international graduates.

Mohammad Baqa, director of Alvorod St. John’s Center for New People: interest in this part of Canada is increasing day by day and this part attracts more immigrants. In this area, people will be introduced to the job market quickly.

Increasing labor market capacity following New Brunswick’s population growth

In the month of March, companies have identified the new needs of the labor market and are trying to meet these needs in various jobs, including wood products manufacturing factories to truck drivers and butchers.

By working in local jobs, these people are directed towards obtaining permanent residence in Canada, and this will help the survival of immigrants in this area.

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