Saskatchewan New Technology Immigration Program

In this article, we are going to talk about Saskatchewan’s new technology immigration program until the end of the article: The province of Saskatchewan on March 7, 2022 will introduce a new path for the technology workforce through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Selection Program and to solve the labor shortage problem. This province introduced in this section.

This subgroup is for highly specialized workforce in the innovation and technology sector with the following conditions:

Offered for specialist jobs in Saskatchewan

Having the criteria of this subgroup

Technology sub-group criteria for non-express entry route

For this subgroup, you must be a resident outside of Canada or prove your legal status in Canada and not be a refugee. In addition, the following conditions must also be true for you:

Have the following work experience requirements

If you are applying from Saskatchewan: You are currently working in that province and have worked full-time (at least 30 hours per week) in an eligible occupation for at least six months for the employer who made the job offer. If you have not worked for your sponsoring employer under these conditions, you must have at least one year of work experience in the last five years in your job.

If you are applying from inside or outside of Canada: One year of highly specialized work experience within the last five years in the eligible occupation of interest is required.

Have the following conditions for mastering the English language:

If you are currently working for an employer from whom you have a job offer, you must meet the requirements of the employer for the English language. The employer evaluates your English language ability.

If you are not currently working for the employer you are applying for, your English and/or French language ability must be at least level 5 on the Canadian Language Index (CLB).

Eligible for Saskatchewan certification (if required for your occupation): NOC 2147 – Computer Engineer, NOC 2173 – Software Engineer (excluding designers), NOC 2133 – Electronics and Electrical Engineer must meet the following requirements:

Provide a letter from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) confirming the application for registration as an apprentice engineer.

Submit a letter from APEGS stating that they have passed the certification tests.

Have a post-secondary education related to the desired job (bachelor’s or master’s degree, or a three-year university or college degree, a two-year university, college or technical institute or other post-secondary institutions) certificate of intention to work and Offer to live in Saskatchewan. Have a job offer for a qualified permanent full-time job in the technology or innovation sector in Saskatchewan. You need a SINP job approval to prove this job offer.

Requirements for Express Entry applicants

Applicants admitted to the IRCC Express Entry pool can also be eligible for this stream. People who choose this stream as express entry applicants have different conditions. Express Entry applications, with an anticipated processing time of six months or less, are prioritized for review by IRCC for permanent residence. As an applicant in IRCC’s Express Entry pool, you may be eligible for this subgroup, provided that you are outside Live in Canada or prove legal residency status in Canada, not an asylum seeker. The conditions of non-express entry applicants must also be true for express entry applicants, and in addition, they must meet the following two criteria.

Have a valid Express Entry file number and employment code.

Have the result of the language test in accordance with the conditions of Express Entry.

The following occupations along with their National Occupation Classification (NOC) code are eligible for this stream:

NOC 0213 – Information and computer systems manager

NOC 2133 – Electronics and Electrical Engineer

NOC 2147 – Computer engineer (other than software engineers and designers)

NOC 2171 – Information system consultant and analyst

NOC 2172 – Database Analyst and Data Officer

NOC 2173 – Software engineer and designer

NOC 2174 – Computer Programmer and Interactive Media Developer

NOC 2175 – Network designer and developer

NOC 2281 – Computer Network Technician

NOC 2282 – User Support Technician

NOC 2283 – Information System Test Technician

The following people cannot apply for the SINP Technology Talent Pathway:

Asylum seekers in Canada who have applied for asylum from the Canadian government.

People who have not submitted the necessary documents when submitting their application.

Individuals who have not proven their plans to live and work in Saskatchewan.

People who intentionally gave wrong information in their application.

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