Saskatchewan Support for Women Entrepreneurs

The Saskatchewan government has announced new support for women entrepreneurs in the province through two new programs, the Empowering Resources for Entrepreneurs Program and the Digital Literacy for Entrepreneurs Program. The government of this province also presented a new report on women entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan, which includes statistical information about women’s self-employment and women-owned businesses, and also introduces prominent examples of women-managed businesses.

Saskatchewan’s new Women Entrepreneur Support Program, increasing resources for entrepreneurs, has allocated $450,000 to help eligible Saskatchewan entrepreneurs get the skills training and knowledge they need to grow their businesses. The program includes training to support skills development in areas such as leadership and management, business strategy, and more, and support for 50 underrepresented Saskatchewan women entrepreneurs (indigenous, minority, youth and people with disabilities). disability) and is expected to open for relevant applications in January 2022.

The Digital Literacy for Entrepreneurs program allocates $1.6 million to focus on solving the problem of entrepreneurs’ need for media literacy while also reducing the future risk associated with technology adoption. This group also includes female entrepreneurs who want to use digital technologies in the future success and growth of their business. Planning for this issue includes basic operations, infrastructure, strategic and specialized skills to ensure proper planning of entrepreneurs in their service area. This program provides support to more than 300 participants and is expected to be launched in early 2022.

Funding for resourcing and digital literacy programs for entrepreneurs is provided through the Saskatchewan-Canada Workforce Transfer Agreement.

The Women Entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan report provides comprehensive data on women-owned businesses in Saskatchewan and women’s self-employment between 2007-2020. This report provides a comparison of businesses owned by women and men in Saskatchewan and Canada, in terms of indicators such as employment, income and assets.

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