Studying in Saskatchewan

The province of Saskatchewan is full of educational opportunities, professional careers and areas suitable for entrepreneurship. Studying in Saskatchewan can be a bridge for the advancement and personal growth of international students.

The growing economy of this province is a pioneer in Canada, and these opportunities, along with a safe and immigrating society and lower living costs, have led students from all over the world to study in this province.

High quality and affordable education in Saskatchewan

The education system of Saskatchewan has provided a suitable platform for the future of students by providing excellent and high quality programs.

Universities, colleges and technical institutes offer a wide range of accredited courses and certificates; The application process for each institution and its fees are different based on the educational institution.

Post-secondary educational institutions


Studying in Saskatchewan is possible in various academic centers. Among them, we can mention the prestigious universities of this province. Saskatchewan has 2 prestigious public universities with good international rankings that attract many students from around the world.

University of Regina

This university is a dynamic and prestigious international educational institution with 10 faculties and 25 academic units that accepts students in all levels of education from bachelor to PhD.

University of Saskatchewan 

The University of Saskatchewan is a member of the U15 group (a group of top research universities in Canada).

This university is leading by offering more than 100 programs in various academic fields.

It should be noted that ESL (English as a Second Language) unit is offered in both of these universities.

The “La Cite at University Of Regina” program also offers a valid certificate for French as a second language.

This program is offered over 2 full-time semesters and is for those students who want to acquire an intermediate level of written/spoken French language skills.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute provides people with practical learning opportunities in various fields and equips them with the knowledge and skills required by the labor market and industry.

Saskatchewan Colleges

Regional colleges in Saskatchewan offer a variety of courses and programs in business and other in-demand skills.

Many of these colleges have joint programs with Saskatchewan polytechnics and first-year universities that allow students to transfer to one of the accredited universities.

Parkland / Great Plains / Cumberland colleges are prestigious colleges that welcome many international students every year.

Professional colleges

These institutions, which are also known as private professional schools; They offer non-academic and professional training programs and prepare students for employment in a specific profession.

These programs include a wide range of business/treatment/fashion design and executive-administrative affairs.

List of accredited educational institutions to study in Saskatchewan

To ensure that international students benefit from high quality education, the Canadian Immigration Service (IRCC) has made changes to the international student program; From June 2014, study visas will be issued only to those students accepted by approved educational institutions.

The list of these institutions is as follows:

Academy of Fashion Design

Academy of Learning College – Saskatoon

Briercrest College and Seminary

Canadian Revival Training Center Inc.

Collège Mathieu

College of Emmanuel and St Chad

Cumberland College

Cumberland College

Elite Hairstyling and Esthetics Training Center

Great Plains College

Horizon College and Seminary Inc.

Lutheran Theological Seminary

Millar College of the Bible

Millennium Aviation

Mitchinson Flying Service

Nipawin Bible College

Parkland College

Regina Flying Club

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatoon Business College

Saskatoon Health Region Orthoptic Program

St. Andrew’s College

St. Peter’s College

The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy Ltd

University of Regina, including Campion College, First Nations University of Canada and Luther College

University of Saskatchewan, including St. Thomas More College

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