The problems of immigration to the Atlantic Canadian province following temporary restrictions to maintain the jobs of Canadians in the post-corona world

Foreign applicants wishing to immigrate to New Brunswick are facing new temporary restrictions as the provincial government tries to preserve the employment prospects of Canadians. The latest government news reports that “businesses have reduced services, laid off staff, and in some cases, closed entirely. Some sectors have been hit harder than others. They are more vulnerable in employment situations.”

The medical and information technology sectors have been exempted from these new restrictions.

The province of New Brunswick is still accepting and reviewing applications for immigration to the province from applicants worldwide for both the medical and information technology groups in all immigration streams of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) and the Provincial Selection Program (PNP). Temporary foreign workers and international graduates currently living and working in New Brunswick are also exempt from these restrictions. Applications from all immigration streams for both the PNP and AIP programs continue to be reviewed.

Of course, the rest of the requests include new restrictions, and this province does not accept requests from foreign applicants who are not present in this province in the following sections.

Wholesale business

Finance and insurance

Real estate, rent and leasing

Office and management jobs

Beauty industry, including beauty salons and spas

Art, entertainment and recreation

Hospitality and leisure

Travel and tourism

Food and housing

Retail business

Business service centers, including telecommunication centers

Conditions for immigration to New Brunswick after the outbreak of Covid-19

New Brunswick closed its borders to all but the most essential interprovincial travel for three months to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The province, under the supervision of Premier Blaine Higgs, enlisted the help of police to return travelers arriving from Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia in the third week of March.

“We must do everything we can to prevent and mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in New Brunswick,” said Mr. Higgs. Businesses in New Brunswick are just starting to reopen. As the province is rebuilding, it is trying to preserve the few jobs that exist for its residents. Many employers have participated in the international recruitment projects of this province and are asking questions about how to meet their current needs. They are advised to contact the relevant immigration program officers to review their options.

With the new restrictions, foreign applicants for jobs such as truck drivers or manufacturing positions will no longer be able to apply for the AIP program unless they have been working for employers participating in the New Brunswick Employment Program within the past year and a half. . Applicants who do not meet the stated criteria can still work in the province but must submit their application through the PNP workforce stream. The PNP program is available to the workforce, regardless of where they live, provided they meet the minimum requirements.

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